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Unified Game Services API

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Handy Timesaver

This plugin is easy to use and makes it easy to implement Game Center and Google Play Games Services. The support we've received has also been excellent and the creator has taken our suggestions and improvements and implemented them very quickly.

Joshua Sanderson at Halfbrick Studios

Great Support!

I'm working on a multi-platform game (iOs, Google Play, Amazon) that uses cloud saves and achievements and this is saving me from a -lot- of work! I'm releasing on Amazon first and have only been testing that platform, but so far it's good stuff, easy to implement. The developers have been very responsive to questions and suggestions.

Edward Brown at Casual Labs

Best mobile Cloud Connect there is!

The editor window must be the best example of good UX-design I have seen in an Unity asset thus far. Easy, intuitive and awesome!

If there's anything I'm missing, it's a way to import several ID's of Achievements/Leaderboards at once vs adding every single one manually, but it's by far not a deal breaker.

Why CloudOnce?

Enhance your Unity mobile games on three platforms with achievements, leaderboards and cloud saving.

CloudOnce is the Unity plugin that lets you spend more time developing your mobile game and less time quarreling with the native systems. Create achievements, leaderboards and cloud saving for three different platforms using only a few lines of code.


Unified API

CloudOnce works for the Apple Game Center and Google Play Game Services using the same few lines of code. Our Getting Started guide and extensive API documentation will get you through the implementation in a flash.

Unified API

Focus on your game

Implementing achievements, leaderboards and cloud saving takes time for one platform, and much longer for three. CloudOnce handles all of that for you. Spend less time looking up Unity tutorials and dead-end forum threads and focus on your game’s content!


User-friendly editor

Coding is fun, but takes time and focus. Handle all your achievements, leaderboards and cloud saving settings using CloudOnce's user-friendly, Unity integrated editor. Don’t let time constraints or a lack of know-how stop your game from using the native systems everyone else is using! Supports both Personal and Pro skins.


Development was funded in part by Innovation Norway

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